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Lift Me Up book cover
  • Title: Lift Me Up
  • Author: Alice Cravens Moore
  • ISBN: 9781945127168
  • Our Price: $9.95
  • Description:

    "I'll figure it out by myself." Does this describe your problem solving? Do you refuse to ask for help? Or perhaps you go to your peers. All the while, there's your Maker standing by to help you. He provides a library full of answers. Author Alice Cravens Moore chooses one of those books, Proverbs, as a main source of assurance that empowers you to be lifted up by your Creator.

    Many professed believers are stumbling in their Christian walk because they do not tap into the source of daily deliverance. Lift Me Up is a book of wisdom, filled with anti-depressants and pep for the soul. Learn to keep your heart, speak a good word, and practice being merry. Alice Cravens Moore urges you to look inside the Good Book in order to be lifted up. Accept safety, responsibility, and reverence as a way of life. You don't have to figure it out by yourself. Let God lift you up.

  • Reader Comments for Lift Me Up:

    From Janie Craun, former editor Christian Woman magazine: "In her book Lift Me Up, Alice Cravens Moore has given readers a work of encouragement. Drawn from the book of Proverbs, each chapter focuses on a familiar (or not so familiar) word of wisdom that illustrates the truth that the Lord lifts up those who trust in Him. Her personal illustrations and catchy sayings will make it an enjoyable devotional read or group study and will enrich your walk with God."

    From Cathy Powell: ''Alice Cravens Moore is truly a modern day 'Barnabas' who not only knows the Word of God, but lives it every day! Lift Me Up is just one more way she beautifully shares God's love and grace on every page.''

    From Patsy Loden, author of Loving Your Husband and other books: "Alice Cravens Moore is a diligent searcher of God's word. If you are also a seeker of knowledge, then join Alice in rummaging through the wisdom of God found in the book of Proverbs. You won't be disappointed in the treasures she helps you find hidden in the king's sayings, given to him by the Holy Spirit. You will rejoice!"

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