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How to Train Your Dragon book cover
  • Title: How to Train Your Dragon
  • Author: Celine Sparks
  • ISBN: 9781945127137
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description:

    Have a look inside!

    Humorist Celine Sparks offers a 13-week study on the smallest, strongest muscle in the body: the tongue, which she labels ''dragon.'' How to Train Your Dragon is full of fun and facts from the Good Book to challenge the reader in tongue-control and offer solutions of encouragement and comfort.

    Celine points out, ''James chapter 3 talks about an unruly and untamable beast.'' She says the dragon leaves invisible wounds, internal scars, and has a velocity that can crush your spirit before you can duck. Celine says, "We can ponder how something so small can wreak havoc of Titanic proportions. But it's nothing James didn't already ponder two thousand years ago."

    With humor and candor Celine steps all over your dragon, with tips to help your dragon beg, laugh, teach, fetch, sit, and more. Your dragon will come out of this training with a new ''leash'' on life. Each chapter is followed by ''The Tail End,'' which are true experiences - no one could make these up - that will split your sides. But it's not long until she wipes that grin off your face with sobering truths, such as a need to share the gospel - fetch one! Or the time to be silent - sit! She motivates you to respond in the ''Training Points'' or discussion questions. Laugh and learn, turn pages of your worn Bible and mark them up if it helps. But hold on to your dragon; it's going to be a wild 13-week ride!

  • Reader Comments for How to Train Your Dragon:

    Celine, you have done it again! Thank you for courageously and humorously tackling that dreadful dragon called the tongue and enabling us to see, not only its danger, but also its ability to soothe, encourage, and uplift any sister in her walk with the Lord.
    ~Becky Blackmon, author of The Begging Place, A Pearl Seeker, and Seek the Precious Moments

    The gospel is fundamentally a message of joy. Celine uses humor to teach some great truths in ways that are amusing to read, easy to remember, and key to spiritual growth. I recommend it for both personal and group study.
    ~Janie Craun, former editor, Christian Woman magazine

    Celine has been the key leader of the Horizons Players drama group and is an excellent teacher. She loves the Lord and His Word and has a unique ability to communicate in powerful and thought-provoking ways. You will see this very quickly when you start your journey through this book. You will be blessed for reading her efforts. Enjoy the ride!
    ~Kirk Brothers, president, Heritage Christian University

    As is her trademark, Celine uses humor to pique and sustain our interest, but she writes very seriously about the effects of an uncontrolled tongue. She reminds us through Scripture that God holds our ''dragons'' accountable. Each lesson suggests ways to use our tongues more effectively. ''Training Points'' sections provide opportunities to evaluate and motivate our progress. This sensitive ''dragon'' subject is presented in a delightful and rewarding way.
    ~Carol Dodd, teacher, Huntsville, Alabama

    I have so enjoyed this delightful and meaningful book that points out the importance of training the tongue (aka dragon). Every Christian needs to read this!
    ~Roy Johnson, director, Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes

    Celine has such a creative way of presenting God's truth. I laughed, I cried, and I was convicted. How did she know the ''dragons'' in my life that need training? I was especially challenged by the lesson ''Train Your Dragon to Rescue.''
    ~Rosemary McKnight, author of I Love Me, I Love Me Not, and Those Who Wait

    Celine Sparks allows her readers to relate to her, understanding that she has struggles too. This makes her advice even more valuable. How to Train Your Dragon helps us go from biting our tongues to bringing them under submission.
    ~Brittney Kennedy, student, Tupelo, Mississippi

    Celine made me laugh and cry too, while giving me insightful viewpoints that I never heard before on scriptures about the tongue, particularly on Job, his wife, and friends. I will be forever touched by this truthful point. ''No matter what hardship we may encounter, we are in Christ (Romans 6:3) and He is in us (Romans 8:10). You can't get any closer than that.''
    ~Brenda Johnson, Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes

    Great books catch your attention from the first sentence. Really great books inspire you to become a clearer reflection of Christ. Celine's book does both. You are drawn in from the first hilarious story, and as you continue to read you will be challenged to look truthfully at sins that are often excused. Her skillful applications of scriptures help train our ''dragons'' once and for all.
    ~Tracie Shannon, Freed-Hardeman University, first lady

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