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For the Love of Money book cover
  • Title: For the Love of Money
  • Author: Wilburta Arrowood
  • ISBN: 9780929540696
  • Our Price: $10.95
  • Description:

    CHRISTIAN FICTION - Sequel to For the Love of a Child

    For the Love of Money depicts the subtle destructive power of gambling in the lives of the Johnson family. Ed Johnson is confined to a wheelchair, crippled by a stranger in a fit of rage. Ed knows that God is in charge, but in the practical world, Kathy and little Desmond have to eat.
    To supplement the family income, Ed turns to an old friend-- poker. The Internet, new to him, greatly improved accessibility to casinos.
    As Ed rediscovers his wonderful "friend", he gets more than he bargains for-- addiction! His debts skyrocket. But when Ed is faced with what seems to be no hope, he discovers his real hope-- God.

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  • Reader Comments for For the Love of Money:

    I was eager for Mrs. Arrowood's sequel to For the Love of a Child; I was not disappointed. I lost track of time and space when I was reading this book. I'm looking forward to the next one!

    Gambling addiction is real. It has delivered heartache in my family. I could not believe the detailed accuracy in this work of fiction!

    What an education! I never dreamed how easy it is for a Christian to fall prey to this temptation.

    For the Love of Money is such a timely book, considering that several states either already legalized gambling or contemplate doing so. It is refreshing to see a Christian writer address what looks to many like such innocent fun. Mrs. Arrowood once again gives us a gripping story with a godly slant.

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