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For the Love of a Child book cover
  • Title: For the Love of a Child
  • Author: Wilburta Arrowood
  • ISBN: 0929540352
  • Our Price: $10.95
  • Description: CHRISTIAN FICTION

    Novelist Wilburta Arrowood exposes the fine balance between hatred and the realization of God's love. Margaret Ceradsky reluctantly leans toward God after she is befriended by a widowed minister and a loving church. But she still nurses her grudge against a man she hates-- the man she thinks is responsible for her daughter's death. Will she obey God? Or will she give in to her instincts of revenge? Surprising light awaits at the end of the tunnel of suspense-- the light of hope, seasoned with romance and based on solid Christian principles.

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  • Reader Comments for For the Love of a Child:

    Recently I purchased the book For the Love of a Child by Wilburta Arrowood. It is an interesting story, which I really enjoyed. I'd like to see more novels like that.

    I'm studying Special Delivery by Jane McWhorter, which I can't praise enough. Wow! What a fantastic book for those who want to enhance their letter and note writing skills.

    Donna Brinkley
    Euless, Texas

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