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Parenting Is Rocket Science (Hardcover) book cover
  • Title: Parenting Is Rocket Science (Hardcover)
  • Author: Beth Brown
  • ISBN: 0020540557
  • Our Price: $19.95
  • Description: A fresh approach to real life parental challenges, Parenting Is Rocket Science lays down humorous, practical, and easy-to-follow guidelines that really work. Beth Brown compares parenthood to building and launching a rocket. Analogies include children as rockets, parents as engineers, instruction as wiring, and a child's leaving home as the launch date. Beth says, "Today's family is under attack. My goal is to deliver ammunition that will help parents to rear obedient and enjoyable children." 13 chapters with questions, suitable as a class study book, gift book, or self-improvement manual.
  • Reader Comments for Parenting Is Rocket Science (Hardcover):

    A must for any parent who wants genuine help in today's age of transient "pop culture" parenting fads . . . challenges your imagination and holds your interest . . .wisdom, humor, personal experience, and practicality blend with the helpful application of God's Word.

    - Steve Raab, Richmond, VA

    Beth has said it all. No family with children should be without this book.

    - Ray Boynton, Charleston, SC

    I have found this book to be easy to read with realistic examples for raising children God's way. Many parenting books are full of theories and philosophies on child development and parenting styles. However, Parenting Is Rocket Science is back-to-the-basics; it is easy to understand and implement.

    -Maria Johnson

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